Cleveland Property Management can help make your business goals a reality.  We partner with tradespeople in every area of construction, renovation and repair.  Contact us today to learn how Cleveland Property Management can help your business thrive.

Hourly Technicians

Tired of the hassle of finding customers and then tracking them down for payment after a hard day's work? Join our team as an hourly employee. We offer steady work, competitive pay, benefits and a great work environment. Contact us to get started.


We have immediate work for all trades. Contact us to get started.

Steady Work

We manage over 1000 homes in the Greater Cleveland area so you know we have enough work to keep you busy!

Steady Pay

We pay every two weeks without exception. You will never have to chase your money when you work with Cleveland Property Management.

Are you a good fit?

If you are passionate about high quality construction work and customer service and you want to grow, Cleveland Property Management may be the answer for you.  Contact us now to become part of the team.